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Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is emitted from hot surfaces, e.g. the glowing red wood from a camp fire or the surface of a heated stove. Radiant heat directly warms people and solid objects, indirectly warming the surrounding air. 

In a nut shell it’s the transfer of heat from one object to another; but they must not be in contact e.g. the sun shinning on to a roof.  In the diagram below you can see the heat source (radiant panel heaters) emitting radiant heat.  The radiant heat is directional and travels in straight lines until it comes in contact with another object (in our example people).  


Once the traveling heat comes in contact with a solid surface it will exchange its heating energy with the object. 

In our example the heat penetrates the surface of the human skin.  The most important phenomenon which occurs at this point in time is that; the heat is actually controlling or preventing the rate at which our bodies lose heat – this is depicted in the diagram below.


After a few minutes of being exposed to this heat – the human body will significantly reduce the amount of energy being produced to keep warm by absorbing the external heat provided by the radiant heaters. The surroundings such as walls, glass, floor, tables & chairs will also begin to increase in temperature.

 The end result is a comforting and warm feeling.         


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