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Tailored Solutions

OutdoorHeating offers all customers specialised advise whether you are an architect, builder, hotel or home owner. OutdoorHeating can correctly specify and design a heating solution for your outdoor or even indoor needs. OutdoorHeating carries a unique selection of both Natural Gas & Electric heating systems.

The best way to obtain advice and a quotation is to email us with the following information:

a) Dimensions: the length, width and height of your nominated area

b) Roof structure: flat, pitched, trussed or retractable

c) Enclosed/Open: how many sides are protected/enclosed and how many sides are open

d) Visual: pictures or drawing plans of the outdoor area

e) Brief description: the area might total 40m2 but you may only want to spot heat 16m2 over the main table


Once we receive your email OutdoorHeating will design a tailored heating solution for your nominated area. We will take into consideration the various factors that effect heating performance in order to maximise the use of your outdoor area. It's our priority to ensure that every system that we design will be the most efficient way of heating for the nominated area.

Below is an example of an ideal email that we like to see - which makes it very easy for us to provide you with a quick and accurate quotation.

a) Dimensions: Length 5.5m, Width 3.5m, Height 3.2m, Total 19.25m2.

b) Roof structure: flat plaster ceiling.

c) Enclosed/Open: this is a balcony which is enclosed by three walls with only one of the 5.5m sides open.

d) Visual: layout drawing below which indicates the positioning of the main table setting.

e) Brief description: I would like to concentrate some good heating for around half of the balcony area. Ideally I would like a good 10m2 properly heated in order to utilise the table setting more - for dining and entertaining.