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OutdoorHeating Systems is your source for outdoor heating products; we put our heart and soul into what we do. OutdoorHeating Systems has over 16 years specialist infrared heating expertise. Working closely with some of the worlds leading manufacturers, we have helped their research and product development, and as a result we carry a unique range of infrared heating products developed for Australian conditions.

There is no one brand of heater that will heat your nominated area - each area is unique and it will depend on what is suitable for the area and the most efficient solution for the area. We have an extensive range of products and brands that will heat your nominated area.

The company was founded by Paul Tomolowicz in 2002 in Melbourne, Australia. "It was during my second year whilst studying my Business & E-Commerce Marketing degree at Monash University that a light went off in my head and I immediately registered the outdoorheating.com.au domain name.

After having launched the new business model in 2002 I spent the first two years working with local Australian heating suppliers and I was extremely unhappy with the level of customer service, quality, performance, prices and willingness of these suppliers to evolve their products based on customer feedback.

Travelling the world extensively during the late 2000's I visited many heating suppliers and manufacturers to educate myself on the engineering specifications and understand the capabilities of all the different heating products, appliances and elements on the market.

It was quite evident that the majority of heating suppliers on the market in Australia at the time had little knowledge about the latest heating element technologies that were already commercialised on the European, American and North East Asian markets.

Working closely with three leading manufacturers located in Austria, Japan and South Korea. I developed 3 exciting new products for the Australian market.

- ERH - Strip Heaters (manufactured in Austria)

- Heat-On FIR low wattage ceiling heaters (manufactured in South Korea)

- Heat-On DIY low wattage wall mounted heaters (manufactured in Japan).


Our company is dedicated to customer service. We like to treat you the way we would want to be treated. If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied. We believe that our unique selection of heating products along with our professional design service will allow you to find what you have been searching for and meet your expectations.

Head Office: Unit 16, 1-5 The Crescent, Dee Why, NSW 2099 - Sydney, Australia || info@outdoorheating.com.au Outdoorheating.com.au is a Energy Tech Electronics Pty Ltd business.